23-4651-SPR- Ecological Intervention for Autistic Students - 4 week course

23-4651-SPR- Ecological Intervention for Autistic Students - 4 week course

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For Primary and Post-Primary Teachers, SNAs and Coaches

Webinar 1: An introduction to ecological intervention for autistic students - Thursday 2nd February, 2023

This webinar will explore: 

  • ·       The essence and aims of ecological intervention,
  • ·       Benefits,
  • ·       Where it should take place, 
  • ·       Who can deliver it, 
  • ·       When it can begin, 
  • ·       How often is intervention needed and 
  • ·       Why choose it?


Webinar 2: Performing and learning Motor Skills with autistic students - Thursday 9th February, 2023

This webinar will explore: 

  • ·       How we perform motor skills, 
  • ·       The Information Processing approach, 
  • ·       Dynamical Systems approach, 
  • ·       The Learning Process, 
  • ·       What is learning? 
  • ·       What changes when autistic students learn? 
  • ·       How to measure learning, 
  • ·       What are the phases of learning?


Webinar 3: Collecting Information and Programme Planning for Autistic Students - Thursday 23rd February, 2023

This webinar explores:

  • ·       The role of the Coach, 
  • ·       Assessing the student, 
  • ·       From assessment to intervention planning, 
  • ·       Assessing the environmental context, 
  • ·       Planning for positive interaction, and 
  • ·       Collating information for planning the programme. 


Webinar 4: implementing an ecological intervention movement programme with autistic children - Thursday 2nd March, 2023

This webinar considers: 

  • ·       Ecological intervention in action, 
  • ·       Setting the scene, 
  • ·       Working in a meaningful context, 
  • ·       Learning specific skills through task analysis, task adaptation and expert scaffolding,
  • ·       Facilitating the learning process through instructions, 
  • ·       Practice and feedback, 
  • ·       Motor learning in the broader context and monitoring and evaluation. 


Follow on in person Workshop - Saturday 11th March, 2023

This workshop will include;

  • ·       Participant constructed schedule/agenda
  • ·       Introductory Presentation
  • ·       Active warm up
  • ·       Proprioceptive Stretches
  • ·       Group planning of specific case study based sessions
  • ·       Group feedback
  • ·       Summary
  • ·       Evaluation
  • ·       Take home messages
  • ·       Follow on CPD workshops exploration.

This training opportunity is proudly supported by Cork Sports Partnership, through the Sports Inclusion Programme which aims to increase opportunities for children with disabilities to be active. Visit www.corksportsability.ie for more information.


Dr Susan Crawford PhD, Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant, Fulbright Scholar, Masters in Teaching & Learning, BScSport & Exercise Science, Registered Midwife and Registered General Nurse.

Some feedback from our last webinar series with Dr. Susan Crawford:

  • Dr. Crawford made the webinar very interesting and the presentation was easy to follow. She is an excellent communicator and I really enjoyed learning about autism.
  • Great insight into FMS, I’m involved in a lot of soccer coaching and saw a huge crossover in strategies and mindset to help improve skill sets
  • It was a very enjoyable, interesting and informative course delivered by a very competent lady who knows her subject very well.
  • Very interesting and engaging lectures . Excellent inspiring presenter.
  • Dr. Crawford made the webinar very interesting and the presentation was easy to follow. She is an excellent communicator and I really enjoyed learning about autism.

This is a timely opportunity to address supporting our students/adults returning to school environments/care settings while also promoting their holistic health, learning and well-being in the process. Equally it provides our teachers and SNAs with the knowledge, skills and resources to engage meaningfully and without stress with their students/service users.

A link will be emailed to you prior to the course.

Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to cancel your place you can do so by clicking on the cancellation link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email. Course fees, if applicable, will only be refunded if you cancel 72 hours before the date and start time of the course. When you register for a course, you agree to these terms.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 02-02-2023 6:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 02-03-2023 7:00 pm
Capacity 100
Cut off date 02-02-2023 2:55 pm
Fee €20.00
Subsequent Dates Thursday 2nd, 9th, 23rd February, 2nd March
Select Hours 4
Speaker Dr. Susan Crawford
Course Format Online
Location Online

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