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24-5392-SPR-Student Support Planning (Post Primary)

24-5392-SPR-Student Support Planning (Post Primary)



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Student Support Planning (Post Primary

This seminar is intended for Special Education Teachers (SET) and the core SET teams at Post-Primary level. It aims to give teachers the knowledge and strategies to recognise who may require individual planning and the skills to devise a Student Support

Some seminars will be delivered as short sessions over a number of days. Applicants are advised to ensure they are aware of the requirement for attendance at all sessions prior to registering for seminars. Session details for this event are provided below.

Seminar Content and Anticipated Outcomes

Course aims

    To discuss legislation and publications pertaining to special educational needs

    To explore planning for the greatest level of need at whole school level

    To explore the steps involved in creating a Student Support Plan-prioritising need and target setting

    As a pre-requisite for this seminar, participants are encouraged to attend NCSE seminar, “Assessment and Planning.”

    Course Content

    The process of creating an SSP will be explored and discussed.

    Devising targets and strategies to meet the individual student’s needs

    Participants will devise a SSP during a workshop session.

An NCSE Certificate of Attendance is available to participants.

Participants will require permission from the Board of Management to attend. Typically, substitution for this seminar will only be allowed to classroom teachers with primary responsibility for students with a special educational need and if it is deemed essential by the Principal.

Typically, substitution will only be allocated to non-substitute teachers. Payment is not available to teachers in a substitute capacity.

On the OLCS system please chose the option SEN -SESS (Supporting Students with Special Education Needs)


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Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 20-02-2024 9:30 am
Course End Date / Time 20-02-2024 3:30 pm
Capacity 30
Fee Free
Subsequent Dates 20.02.2024
Select Hours 6
Course Format Face to Face
Location Cork Education Support Centre

Course unavailable

Location Map