21-3733-AUT-Training in the Technology to Make Learning Easier

21-3733-AUT-Training in the Technology to Make Learning Easier

Training in the Technology to Make Learning Easier 

Course delivered by Deirdre Madden - UCC

The course is run over two evenings:

  • 2nd November - 4.30pm to 6.30pm
  • 9th November - 4.30pm to 6.30pm

This course is aimed at post primary students and teachers, with many references to the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate exams in the videos. However, this technology is applicable to all learners and primary school teachers are welcome to this course to learn how to use this technology with their younger learners

UCC have created a FREE online course/resource on free Technology to Make Learning Easier for school students and teachers. Importantly this course/resource  covers free or built-in software on phones/tablets, in MS Office 365, in Google or software that is just free to download.  Learn to take full advantage of  the technology you/your school already has to help make reading, writing and studying easier. There is no cost involved!                   

Cork Education Support Service and UCC are delighted to offer you training (2 x 2 hour sessions) where you will be taken through using these tools, this course/resource will allow a chance between the sessions to try it out and come back with queries and questions. 

Technology can have a positive, role in making learning easier and in giving students and educators greater choices in how, where and when they learn. In this free course/resource, aimed at TY students and educators (but applicable to all), we offer training videos, links and advice to make reading, writing and studying easier for students. It explores various free technologies either already on your computer, your phones or technology that is free to download.

Making Reading Easier: Students can learn how to get their phone to read notes/ quotes/ definitions etc read aloud to them. There are tools to get the computer/phone to read aloud to you. There are even options to have text read aloud in Irish, French, German and other languages to help prepare for oral/aural exams. Making a sound file of text to listen to learn/revise anywhere, anytime even on your phone is so easy and convenient. 

Making Writing Easier: Another section of the course shows how to get your phone /computer to type what you say to speed up project work. It also covers using free mind mapping software to plan/ structure your written work to speed up and improve your homework, projects, classroom based assessments etc.

Making Studying Easier: In this part of the course students can learn to use mind maps to study and make excellent, visual revision notes with images, video and even sound files.  You can then access your mind maps study on your phone anywhere, anytime.

To allow students to make the most of these excellent, free learning tools we also examine some fundamental IT skills including touch-typing and file management. Resources to help teachers to share their teaching and learning materials digitally are also included to allow students to utilise technology to make their learning easier.

Click here for an overview of this course/resource:  Free Technology to Make Learning Easier
This CESC course will train you to use these tools and explore how you can use them with your colleagues and students to make learning easier.

Sincere thanks to the SOAR Project for funding. Created by UCC’s Disability Support Service.

A link to access the course will be emailed to you prior to the course.

If you wish to cancel your place you can do so by clicking on the cancellation link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email. 

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 02-11-2021 4:30 pm
Course End Date / Time 09-11-2021 6:30 pm
Capacity 25
Available place 0
Fee Free
Subsequent Dates 2nd November and 9th November
Select Hours 4
Speaker Deirdre Madden
Location Online
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