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NEPS Introducing a Trauma Informed Approach - The Stress Factor, Getting the Balance Right

NEPS are delighted to invite you and all your staff to complete our new free eLearning training course on  Introducing a Trauma Informed Approach - The Stress Factor, Getting the Balance Right


This training course focuses on stress and its impact on learning, behaviour and wellbeing. Familiar and new approaches based on research and the experience of NEPS psychologists are used to guide thinking, planning and action. The training aims to support school staff to build resilience for all including children and young people with additional needs and those affected by trauma and adversity.


·         It has been designed for all staff and promotes a whole school approach to trauma informed practice.


·         The format has been developed to allow for self-directed, self-paced learning. Schools may also choose to undertake the training together through blending the e-learning modules with follow up in-school reflection and action planning sessions.


·         The course consists of 7 short modules, each comprising video presentation, and downloadable reflection activities and information handouts. The online course can be completed in approximately 2 - 2 ½ hours.


Following completion of the course we hope you and your staff:

·         Use the resource called ‘Walk Through’ Model, to highlight strengths, needs and actions for your class/school.

·         Discuss with colleagues how best to embed the learning in this training in classes and in the school community.

·         Access further advice/support around embedding the learning through the school’s assigned psychologist, if required.



Register here: Wellbeing - Introducing a Trauma Informed Approach: The Stress Factor – Getting the Balance Right - NEPS (