NIPT: Induction Workshops UPDATE

Induction Workshops

Induction workshops are open to all NQTs to support their professional learning. While they are not a requirement of the Droichead process, many NQTs use them as an Additional Professional Learning Activity.

The suite of online workshops continues to be available to NQTs via the NIPT online learning platform - 4 Primary workshops; 5 Post-Primary workshops and 3 Cross-Sectoral workshops.

Evidence Based Behavioural Support (NIPTWS09) for Post-Primary NQTs has been added to the suite and is now available. This brings the suite of online workshops to 12, details of which are outlined on our website

If NQTs registered with your centre would like details of the workshops they have completed, they are asked to contact the local Education Centre where they attended the workshop(s). If they require further assistance or confirmation they are asked to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in Donegal EC or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (NIPT-DWEC we will redirect from there.)

Please monitor the NIPT website  for further updates.

NIPT: Droichead Clusters UPDATE

Strand B-Cluster Meetings:

As in previous years, NQTs are required to attend one cluster meeting per term, specific to their sector, in sequential order for the duration of their Droichead process. NQTs must have applied for Droichead via and have received a confirmation email from the Teaching Council before registering to attend Cluster Meeting 1.

Cluster Meeting 1

Cluster Meeting 1 remains available online via the NIPT online learning platform and will continue to do so for the remainder of this term. This can be accessed at https://onlinelearning.teacherinduction.ieProtocols apply in order to be credited with the required 2-hour attendance and subsequent certification to confirm this attendance.

Cluster Meeting 2

Cluster Meeting 2 was facilitated remotely by associates, via Zoom, in March 2021. This will continue to be the case for an additional 2 weeks from April 20th - 29th with dates/times released at staggered time in advance (April 12th and 19th). Additional protocols also apply to this cluster meeting and those NQTs wishing to attend are required to familiarise themselves with them prior to registering. For your information, protocols can be accessed on our website

Cluster Meeting 3

Cluster Meeting 3 will be facilitated remotely by associates, via Zoom, in May 2021 in a similar format to Cluster Meeting 2 above. Further information will be published on our website in due course.

Please monitor the NIPT website  for further updates.

PDSL /DGCS Online Information Session

Post Graduate Programme in School Leadership 2021 Online Information Session
The programme is a partnership between University of Limerick, National University of Ireland Galway and University College Dublin. 
The programme is part funded by the Department of Education, supported by the Centre for School Leadership and open to Primary and Post Primary Teachers.
Monday 10th May at 3pm tri Ghaeilge.
Monday 10th May at 4pm in English.

Creative Clusters Initiative - Applications Open for 2021 Intake

The Department of Education are pleased to announce the opening of a new round of Creative Clusters.  The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 14th May 2021.  

Each Creative Cluster will receive grant funding of €3,000 per school over a two-year period to implement their project in the 2021–2023 school years (e.g. a cluster of 3 schools would receive €9,000 over two years while a cluster of 5 schools would receive €15,000 over two years). Clusters will receive 50% of the total grant funding in Year 1, with the second 50% being provided in Year 2.  In addition, but separate to the grant funding, all successful clusters are further supported with: A fully paid Creative Cluster Facilitator; paid Teacher Substitution to attend training and meetings; room hire, travel & subsistence.

  • Schools can apply as part of a cluster which may be an existing network of schools.
  • A school nearing the end of year 2 of an existing Creative Cluster can reapply to be in a new cluster where the other schools in
    the new cluster have not participated before.
  • Schools nearing the end of 2 years with Creative Schools are eligible to apply.
  • The local Teacher Education Support Centre will have a key role in identifying and supporting a Creative Cluster for their local
  • A total of 21 Creative Clusters will be selected nationally - One successful Creative Cluster per Education Centre.

Further information can be found HERE

Download Creative Clusters Application Form HERE

Download Creative Clusters Guidelines HERE 

Completed application forms should be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before Friday 14th May 2021.  Cork Education Support Centre will be awarded funding to support one successful application.  

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